MandA Members

Lynn Doyle 1
Expert news panelist
Lynn Doyle
Speaking with confidence and expertise on cable news
Lynn Doyle 3
Skillful in debate and counterpoint
PhillyInquirer5-30-The Boardroom_PeirceCollegeBoard
Member, Peirce College Criminal Justice Board with notable experts
City paper 7-11
Philadelphia CityPaper, 2011
Page 2 Phila Metro 8-12-13
Expert quoted in the Philadelphia Metro, 2013
Star 10-27-11
Northeast Times, 2011
ASIS 10-11
With Fmr. DA Lynne Abraham, 2011
record 9-22-11close
Local charity events with Philadelphia politicos, 2011
4-11 Debate
Hosting 2011 political debates, Philadelphia Star
Hickey 7-11
On hosting community public integrity events, 2011
Phawker 7-11
On public integrity in web journalism, 2011
Hosting the Forum to Address Active Shooter Incidents at the National Constitution Center with the DBI, DHS, Philadelphia Police and Phychological Community, 2013
SouthPhillyPublicRecord 8-29-12
Philadelphia Public Record, 2012
With former NYPD Commissioner and justice reform advocate. Bernard Kerik, 2016
At Dinner with hero Philadelphia Police Officer Jesse Hartnett, 2016
With former Assistant NYC Mayor, Attorney and Brigadier General Sidney Baumgarten and his wife Terry, 2012
With legendary Texas Rangers “Lefty” Block and Joe Davis, 2012
A blurry photo with Senator (then Newark Mayor) Cory Booker, 2010
With investigative expert and “Catch Me if You Can” subject Frank Abagnale, 2009
with Senator (then DHS Undersecretary) Asa Hutchinson, 2007
With then-Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, 2010
Speaking about political support for underprivilaged neighborhoods, 2010
on NBC News with former Philadelphia Mayoral candidate John Featherman
82 Dinner
at a military veteran awards dinner with fighter pilot Kevin Kelly and former Philadelphia GOP Chairman Joe DeFelice
with award-winning documentarian Tigre Hill and Chad Jenkins, 2013
Demonstrating Krav Maga disarmament techniques, 2015
On the Job
on a Southeast DC crime scene, 2000



With Philadelphia DA Candidate Beth Grossman

On OANN’s Nightly News
With FBI Director James Comey and my fellow InfraGard board members
Discussing protest/public event security on Compound Media’s “Safe Space” with Taleeb Starkes
In an OANN exclusive interview on police tactics used in the Charlottesville Protests