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Registered with the TASA Group as an expert witness for public safety, exam integrity/testing, and security-related matters. Tasa ID: 8635
Mannes was a regular public safety & security contributor to The Hill, a DC-based political newspaper/website. He has also been published in the Arizona Republic, Buffalo News, The Daily Caller,, Security Magazine, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and Washington Times.
Mannes is the consulting Director of Exam Integrity with Paradigm Testing; who provides secure on-site or remote exam delivery and related assessment consulting services worldwide.
Mannes is a frequent collaborator with SERAPH, led by FLETC-Certified Forensic Profiler Dale Yeager, specializing on threat, liability and climate assessments for schools, venues and businesses
Mannes is an elected member of the board, Philadelphia Chapter
Mannes is a proud Life Member of FOP District of Columbia lodge # 1
Mannes is a member of the American Society for Industrial Security, Philadelphia Chapter and holds the designation of Certified Protection Professional
Mannes is a Master Mason of a lodge based under the Grand Lodge Pennsylvania
Inspectors General
Mannes is an active member of the Association of Inspectors General and spoke in the 2014 fall conference.
Mannes is a Certified Exam Security Professional (CESP), which provides clear standards to promote the integrity and security of a high-stakes and/or standardized testing program.
Mannes is a former member and was the closing speaker of the 2005 ICTOA Conference
Mannes was Certified in Homeland Security (Level III) from 2007-10 and served on the first Intelligence Analyst (ABIA) Certification Board in 2008-09.
Mannes was Certified in Sensitive Security Information by the ABCHS 2008-10 and authored an exam module in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for their exams.